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SpecDive Tactical will be holding an Outdoor Basic Rifle and Pistol Tactical Training course at The Echo Valley Training Center in High View, West Virginia on October 25th-26th 2014.


OCTOBER 25 2014 

Basic Pistol Course will teach you the following:



  • Proper Range conduct and etiquette
  • Safe weapons handling
  • Standard malfunction protocol
  • Grip and stance
  • Visual Target Accommodation 
  • Drawing the Handgun
  • Manipulation and Retention of the handgun 
  • Proper Grip For Optimal Recoil Management 
  • Accuracy Drills
  • Shooting from cover 
  • Multiple Target Engagement 

Pistol Course Requirements 

    • A reliable firearm Glock, Smith And Wesson M&P, Springfield XD style pistols (9mm or 40 Cal. hold at least 15 rounds per magazine) 
    • 3 Magazines 
    • Holster (Safariland, GALCO etc. No Blackhawk style holsters allowed)
    • Tactical battle belt or chest rig with Magazine pouch for 3 magazines
    • Comfortable clothing, avoid low cut shirts, and uncomfortable shoes 
    • Cold weather clothing highly recommended as well as rain outerwear Event Will Not Be Canceled Due To Foul Weather!
    • 300 rounds of ammunition per shooter


OCTOBER 26th 2014 

Basic Rifle Course with teach you the following:



  • Fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • Basic rifle manipulation
  • Loading and unloading magazines
  • Properly loading and unloading cartridges into the rifle
  • Working the bolt carrier and bolt catch
  • Engaging targets at distances of 7-25 yards
  • Zeroing of the weapon system 
  • Multiple Target Engagement 

Rifle Course Requirements:

    • AR-15/ M-4 style rifle  or equivalent weapon system (AK-47, AK-74, SCAR, etc.) equipped either with an optic and/or iron sights
    • Tactical battle belt or chest rig with Magazine pouch for 3 magazines
    • 500 rounds of ammo per shooter 
    • Cold weather clothing highly recommended as well as rain outerwear Event Will Not Be Canceled Due To Foul Weather!


 Echo Valley Training Center

467 Hooks Mill Road,

High View, West Virginia  26808


Price for Each Class:

$175.00 1 Day Pistol Course (Oct 25 2014)

$175.00 1 Day Rifle Course (Oct 26 2014)

$320.00 2 Day Rifle And Pistol Course (Both Days)


Course Registration:

Click Here To Register and Pay For Training Courses


Hotel Rates

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Rental Fire arms, ammunition, required equipment and accessories can be purchased both through the website or by contacting SpecDive Tactical directly by calling for information



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